Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Transplanted mice cells ease rat paralysis

Transplanted mice cells ease rat paralysis

NEW YORK — Scientists eased the paralysis of rats with spinal cord injurise by transplanting cells taken from the brains of adult mice, an encouraging sign for developing a human treatment, researchers reported


Ray said...

how are your two girls doing? :)

Trishymouse said...

We're down to two mice girls now. They are sticking close to one another, but seem in fine health. This summer they will be two years old, senior citizens in the mice world.
If you meant our two rattie sisters, they too are doing great. They're in the bloom of their youth, I estimate they are around 6 months old. We're toying with the idea of breading one of them to our new rat boy, Boober, but we're not convinced it's a good idea for real. We know they'd have great babies, but then do we need MORE ratties in the world when there are so many that need homes and love already?