Saturday, March 11, 2006

Little Quimby

I am at a lost with what I should do. Even though she drinking with assistance Quimby is still loosing weight. She appears to have only partial use of her limbs on one side and even though she seems to see a little with her one cataract effected eye her other eye is a complete loss. And there may be a secondary infection in and around the lost eye to boot.

Quimby is a strong-willed old lady mouse. But I am conflicted in doing what is right.

I have decided to remove her sisters from the temporary cage and return them to their home cage, leaving Quimby by herself. I gave Quimby one last feeding and cleaning and left the heating pad under the cage. There is ground up bits of food and a low hanging water bottlet with PediaLyte near her. I can not help but want to go and check her every few minutes and hold her. I know there are things I can do to help her along in a gentle way but even those cause me to pause.

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