Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Little Quimby Update

Quimby has not improved so much that she will get up enough strength to crawl across the cage to snuggle into a different spot. I have watched as she has nudged into one of her sisters, even pushing one out of her way. Or she will seek out a particular sister to cuddle with. The sisters, even the big, bossy and sometimes mean chubby brown mouse Curry, have been taking their terms nursing Quimby. But I have looked in to find Quimby alone in one corner and the sisters all piled up on each other in another corner and I worry that they might be giving up on her.

Quimby appears to know when I am reaching for her and will crawl into my hand. She still gets annoyed with I try to dribble PediaLyte around her mouth and will make little squeaking, squealing noises in protest. I put her down on a cloth or napkin to see if she will walk on her own and she will, making little circle waltzing motions and she will appear to become more and more agitated if she does not have her sisters or my hand near by. I am keeping the heating pad under the temporary cage as well I have ground down bits of food in the corners and a low-hanging glass water bottle for her.

Quimby does look awfully pathetic. But sometimes it seems she is looking right at me with what vision that remains.

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