Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eastenders: Mouse Terrorizes Walford!

NOTE: I am a huge Eastenders fan since the beginning of the show 20 years ago. The story below is courtesy of the BBC Eastender's website...
It was early evening in the Queen Vic, and Trish was settling down to a pint of Guinness. The pub was filling up and Alfie was enjoying some banter with the locals.

All of a sudden, Christopher burst into the bar, after a hard day's work as a top class Caretaker. Christopher was out of breath, and gasped, "Help us out mate. There's a bit of trouble at the launderette – Pauline's tearing her hair out!"

"Sorry love, I can't. I’ve got to play Charades round at Roberts with the Slaters", Trish exclaimed . "Oh, be a mate ", pleaded Christopher "there's an enormous Mouse sitting outside the launderette, and no-one can get their service washes back!"

"Alright" sighed Trish. "Seeing as you're a mate I'll help you out". "Cheers," said Christopher, "I need to get my pants back before tomorrow."

They rushed round to Bridge Street as fast as their little legs could carry them. Sure enough, there was a great big Mouse glued to the spot. Dot was trying to tempt it away from the door, but the Mouse snarled and roared.

As if from nowhere, Billy appeared outside the launderette, brandishing a Potato! The Mouse pulled itself up to its full height, and towered over him. It rolled its eyes and lunged at Billy, swiping the Potato away. Trish and Christopher shook in terror, fearing what the Mouse might do next...

The Mouse munched on the Potato, and then spotted the fruit and veg stall. It lunged but toppled backwards and crashed through the launderette's door.

Trish gasped as a flurry of clothes rained down from the sky. Alfie ran out into the street and was blinded as Christopher's pants flew into his face! "Never mind," said Pauline. "I'll put the kettle on."

The Mouse ran off towards Roberts as Trish, Christopher and Alfie collapsed in fit of giggles.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pet of the Day

Someone had the good common sense to select me as Pet of the Day...I am a humble mouse, but even I have to admit, I cut a fine figure...