Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Getting Along

In a newspaper article, a story is told about how a man taught three how to get along that normally do not - a lesson to us all...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charlotte's Templeton based on Real Rat

"We assumed someone in the audience would have a pet rat and know if what Templeton was doing didn't look right," says effects supervisor Joel Friesch, who with colleague Blair Clark oversaw Tippett's work on Charlotte's. "We had to get it right."

Full story here...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Goodbye, Sweet Beatrice Rat

Beatrice rat's passing was relatively quick. Sometime during the week we noticed she was not as active on her wheel and when she was she was very slow. Friday night I noticed she was sitting by herself, looking very tired and sad, and I took her out for an examination. It was not that she was lethargic, she was in fact still perky with her eyes wide and her ears upright. On closer inspection I found she had dried blood on her nose and her bottom. At first I thought she might have gotten into a fight with one of the other girlie rats or that she may have injured herself falling. But I could not find any other signs of injury. Beatrice rat would not eat offered treats or willingly drink pediasure or pedialite. She was quite contented on being wrapped up in a towel and sleeping in my arms, eventually poking her head up and out of the towel to let me know she wanted to go back to her hammock. This morning her health appeared to be improving and I checked on her several times, even taking her out to see if she would eat or drink and snuggle with me. This afternoon I took her out, wrapped her in a towel and we snuggled to together on the couch for a nap. As I slipped in and out of sleep I checked on her, seeing she was snoozing away and I could feel her heart beats and breathing against my chest... And then I awoke suddenly, startled, and checked her once more. Beatrice appeared that she was looking right at me, eyes half closed and almost winking. I stroked her ears and side and could tell she was no longer breathing, her heart no longer beating... But she looked still looked so very much alive. I sat with Beatrice rat for a while longer, giving her soft skritches and cuddles before preparing her for her journey.

I noticed almost immediately after Beatrice rat went on her way that Regina rat and Eva rat knew she was gone. The ratty girls were searching frantically for Beatrice. And when I put the ratty girls in the hammock where Beatrice had spent the last couple of days Regina laid down with her nose over the edge of the hammock, her big sad eyes looking off into the distance...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Steampunk Mice

Amazing armor for cats and mice (worthy of Reepicheep himself), check out Jeff DeBoer's fantastic work...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Goodbye Clara love mouse

I had awoke earlier than usual and went to check Clara mouse. Clara mouse was cool to the touch and her breathing was labored. I picked her up and tried to warm her in my hands while offering her pedialite and milk with an eye dropper. Clara refused any offers and actually turned her head away from any future offerings. I continued to hold Clara mouse in my hand, wrapping her in tissue and breathing on her to help warm her, and sat with her for the next hour or so. Clara twitched and made soft squeaking noises as she sat. And then she had a series of short, quick spasms and was still. I could see she was no long breathing and her little body started to relax in my hand. Her ears were still perked upwards, as if she had just went to sleep, and her head sank down on to her paws. I held her for a little longer, stroking her ears and giving her little scratches, before preparing her for her last journey.

Clara love mouse was the last of the mice. She was preceded by her papa Mabel, mama Pudding, auntie Belle, cousin Lena and seven assorted sisters.