Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mouse to Mouse

The first email from FTM to our mice arrived this morning!
helo i am the mouse
the fox is leting me send a mesage on her computer
the kind man said there were mice in america that wanted to get mesages from me
so here i am
but i have never done this befor so i hope you get my mesage
i live in an old blackbird nest on the side of the kind ladys house and i am trying to mend it so i can be dry when it rains
but it is not cold living outside even though i am a house mouse
some mice have been talking about the weather and how it does not get so cold anymore
i think this is a good thing
i like to eat bird food but i like to eat cheese and nuts even more
i have asked the kind man to make it easier for me to get into the bird cafe because i sometimes fall down when i am trying to get in and then it is hard to climb back up the wall
what do american mice do? i have never met one
at first i thought the fox would eat me but she didn't
she is quite a nice fox but she has got a sore foot
i just saw the pigeon as it came for its breakfast
and i saw the squirels who come every day too
i didnt get much sleep last night because the nightingale was singing to loud
the kind man is teaching me english so i can have my own website and i have lerned a lot
but he says i need a bit more practice befor i can be famous
i must go now because it is geting light and there are some crows in the garden
the mouse
"Oh, he sounds quite brave!" exclaimed Quimby.

Mabel wiggled his whiskers, thinking.

"Tell him we like to run on our wheels," Belle said.

"Speak for yourself," Pudding commented, "Personally, I'd rather sleep."

"There's nothing better than a good round of nest building, I say," said one of the little brown mice (one of three otherwise known as the Triplets of Belleville...)

Mmmm, I thought, and making messes for me to clean up off the floor...!

"Human hands make very comfortable beds," Mabel enthused, no doubt thinking of the warm kind hands of Christopher, his friend.

"I personally love the neck area myself, all that fur on their head to root around in!" Belle cheerfully opined.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Yes, for now," Pudding said. "Oh, and ask him to tell us a bit more about this fox person..."

"Alright then," I agreed. "Let's 'get the pen and paper out', and send along your responses!"

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