Saturday, December 18, 2004

Book Find: "The Mouse and His Child"

A "magical book", the reasons it speaks to such a wide range of readers is that " its inventive celebration of junk it reveals the consciousness of a child. In its lyricism it suggests a young man newly in love. In its tenderness we see the father of young children. And in its dark places we meet a middle-aged man in crisis." - The New York Times Book Review
I was delighted to discover a book today titled The Mouse and His Child.

Now, as soon as I read that title, I HAD to find out more, of course. It was an intriguing title, not because of the word 'mouse' (well, maybe a bit...!), but because it was followed by '...and his child'. THAT is what made it unique, and thus worth looking into.

Sight unseen, I have ordered a copy for myself, and my grandsons, and they are on their way to us as I write this.

I did a bit of investigating online just now, and found a few sites of fans who love his work. One site even mentions the first ever convention about this author will be this coming February. What an excellent time for me to become aware of him. And here I was cynically thinking I may have no worthy authors left to discover...

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