Monday, December 27, 2004


Christopher found a clip-on water bottle unclipped and dragged across a cage this morning. The mice that were present when it was found were busy using it to build their nest against, looking very pleased with themselves. Chris refers to them as 'little brats', but all in good fun.

Lately they've been rooting around in the bedding so vigorously that the underbedding of corn cob, like little pebbles, come spewing out between the cage wires onto the floor and my countertop in the kitchen, where they live. Quite a mess, I can tell you, and I scold them with a smile on my lips, and they never take me seriously...Well, what can you do? They're so cute!

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Trishymouse said...

FTM's human friend emailed me about this post to say:

"You paint a vivid picture of the scrabbling of tiny feet! I had a colony of Gerbils, many years ago, and they too were a handful of mischief. There was one very old guy, who I called "Granddad". Small in stature, but BIG in personality. He was old and scarred and had a broken tail from many battles to gain/maintain dominance. He is the only one I remember as an individual.

"Today I finally managed to have a lie-in, and by the time I got downstairs, the garden was full of disgruntled creatures wondering where their breakfast
was. I think they take me for granted, but then again: why not?

"One day you must get to know a pigeon. They have to be one of the world's most underrated companions. If ONLY they didn't crap everywhere, they would be perfect."