Wednesday, December 15, 2004

FTM Accepts

David, the mouse's human friend, emailed to say...
The Mouse is sending you a message!

This is not a good thing for the mouse...

It has already started going to his head, causing all this commotion, and all.

He was a very weird mouse to begin with, but who knows where this could go now???

But he was - of course - only too pleased at the idea of corresponding with North American Mice, but did express slight concern over his possible inability to decipher
their odd way of speaking :)

In fact, I just saw the mouse, as I went out to offer him an almond. The almond proved too heavy and he dropped it. So I picked it up, broke it in two, gave it back to him, and he had to make two trips to his sky-house.

Last time I looked there was this year's fox cub (a.k.a: Long Tip) gazing up at him!
He also sent us pictures of his friends, the OEC and the FTP, aka the One-Eyed Cat and the Famous Tooting Pigeon. I must say, for a suburb of London there sure is a lot of wild and/or stray animals around. I have a feeling that David is kind-hearted soul. I like that...

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