Friday, December 17, 2004

Baruchito Update

I am a HUGE Baruchito fan. Since early November, you obviously have been busy because no updates. Many of us are curious - how are the baby hamsters? :)


Hi Trish,

Thanks a lot for your mail. :)

There have been no updates since November because I'm very busy lately, having to do two jobs. Baruchito, Flan and the babies are fine... except for one male who died two weeks ago. :( We gave him to a friend of mine who apparently didn't have any experience with pets, and looks like the poor baby got a cold and died a few days later. The other four babies (two boys and two girls) are still living with us, and we'll be giving three of them to two friends in Hiroshima when we go there for new year.

We're keeping one girl. She was the smallest of the litter, but also the most friendly. She really likes to play on my hands. You can see a photo of her here (when the two females where still on the same cage)

By the way, her name is Nana. :)

The funny thing is that each of the babies has developed his own personality or habits. One of the boys, for example, cannot live without some tunnels or some narrow place to hide into. We think he's the one who's sleeping in the last item I posted on He's the one on these photos:

He has a very big CritterTrail cage, but he looked sad until we put a lots of tunnels on it. He's spending most ot the time running inside the pipes and sleeping.

The other boy has a normal CritterTrail cage (like Baruchito's). He runs a lot on his wheel, but he has a very bad habit: he likes to have his toilet just next to his bed, on the second floor of the cage, and AFTER removing all the sand/wood chips that I put there. We have to clean him every day, and I'm thinking about blocking the pipe so he can't use the second floor and is forced to use some other place as toilet. If you know some way to make him do this without blocking access to his nice bedroom, please let me know. ;)

I will update the blog software as soon as I can, because something went wrong with the current one and users cannot post comments for some reason. When I do that, I'll post a lot more things about Baruchito, Flan and the babies. :)


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Trishymouse said...

Hi Trish,

That big wheel is awesome! That's exactly what I need for Baruchito and Flan, because they've grown a lot and when they run on they wheels they have to arch their back a bit, even though we bought the biggest wheels
we could find. I'll search for these on japanese pet shops.

"Baruchito" doesn't really mean anything. Neither my wife nor me couldn't think of a name, so she just took the japanese pronounciation of "Barcelona" ("baruserona") and came up with "baru". A few days later
I added "-chito" to the name. -ito/-tito/-chito are Spanish suffixes meaning "little". So "Baruchito" means "little Baru". Most of my family called me "Javito" when I was a kid (and some still call me that).