Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Mice Write Back to FTM...

Dear Mouse:

We think you sound quite brave, having a fox for a friend, and to know a pigeon, and even know a cat!

You ask what we do...well, we love running in our wheels - you know how it is with all that energy! But then, there are some of us who love nothing more than a good nap and a cuddle. Especially now that it's a bit chilly outside. We're very lucky to have a nice warm house to live in.

Some of us are really industrious, making large, warm nests for all of us to cuddle up in. We notice, however, that our Humans get rather cranky after we've been kicking around the bedding and some falls on the floor. You'd think they'd thank us for sharing!

Mabel, our patriarch, has a special friendship with Christopher, his Human friend. He loves sitting in Christopher's hand for time on end, watching him type with his other hand on the computer, or just sitting in companiable silence together.

Belle is the oldest among us. She loves sitting on Trish's collar, and rooting around in her hair at the base of Trish's neck. Sometimes she crawls to the top of Trish's head to look around. She is very brave!

Pudding, the mother of us pups, requested that we ask you to tell us more about the fox. We have never seen a fox...

P.S.: Do you have a name?

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