Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Perils Of Clara

Clara is putting up a good front. She pulls herself along very well and even makes her way to the food and water bottle. I reconfigured the cage and tubes to make it a little more easy for her to get around. But even before the changes she was navigating her way just fine after her incident. Clara still pulls offered cheerios out of my fingers and gobbles them down.

Clara is still a bit uncertain about some of the tube routes and I have seen her start her way up a sloped curve only to turn around and try another way. I changed the entrance to the nest to make it easier for her. But even then it took her awhile to remap her home. I watched over her for some time to make sure she could make it on her own.


Sham said...

I read an account of a vicar who had a pet white mouse once with no sense of direction. He would memorise the position of things in his cage and navigate straight there without anything other than what appeared to be instinct. They even as a test moved his cage just a few inches from its normal position and even though it was in full sight when the mouse wanted to return to his cage he would go straight to where it should be and look terribly confused until someone moved his cage back. He'd then stare at it to remomorise its position.

I think mice are just stupid (especially my Moppet) :)

VLW said...

At least she's trying.

Ray said...

Kisses and cuddles to Clara. (What a great name for a mouse, by the way! Nutcracker?)

christopher said...


You should see how the rats turn into big little pouty babies while I am cleaning their cages.