Sunday, April 16, 2006

On the move

Since Clara has managed to get out of the temporary cage I set up for her twice I figured it was time to move her into a more manageable situation. I set Clara up in the small metal open faced cage that has a wheel. The moment I put her in the cage she became very animated, scooting around the cage, mapping the her new territory and even stepping into the wheel for a short walk. I put in a low level food bowl which Clara promptly pounced upon, making quick work of the bits of food and treats. I put in a low hanging water bottle for her ease as well.

I thought since Clara seems to be getting better that maybe Curly should come in her cage with her for a while. I wanted to see if Curly would care for Clara and if Clara would brighten up being with her sister again. Curly promptly went to Clara and sniffed and licked her. And then Curly went about exploring the cage. Clara tried to keep up with her but kept stumbling behind and was often run over by the excited Curly. And as I feared Clara was getting trampled by Curly, who was not showing much interest in Clara after a few minutes of being in the cage. The fact that Curly would hop into the wheel and Clara would try to follow and get her nose banged by the cross arm of the wheel or her feet caught on the wheel as it was being turned by Curly was enough to help me decide that it was not going to work out. Although they appear to miss each other it is best they be apart for now.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame they can't be together now, but I'm glad to hear that Clara is doing so well.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Poor Clara, victim of a hit and run wheel. :) Glad she is doing better. ~Poi MOM Jane

Sham said...

Crossed fingers that Clara will keep getting better - but what did I tell ya about the mapping out of their homes!!