Thursday, April 13, 2006

Clara's Winter

I decided to separate Clara from Curry. After a rough Monday night I came in Tuesday morning expecting to find Clara gone. I noticed a mound of bedding had been build near the water bottle and I prepared myself to find Clara. But she was not there and it was then I heard her chirping and chattering. I found her, laying on her back and kicking her back legs, in one of the tubes leading from the nest. I took her out and after cleaning her eyes spent all of the morning and most of the afternoon holding her with her resting in my palm or on my stomach or chest. Clara slept off and on the whole time, occasionally lifting up her head and chirping before going back to sleep

Later when I put Clara down on the table to examine her she would 'cry out' and try climbing back into my hands. Her right eye appears to work. But her left eye is discharging and clots over. I noticed some bloodied spots on her nose and her back paws but I suspect these are caused by her scratching. She hasn't a lot of strength and tends to flop over on one side while moving around. And then after going a short distance she will stop and nap.

Last night I set up a smaller cage for Clara with a low hanging water bottle and crumbled up food. She cried when I put in and it was had not to pick her up. Clara settled in after some fussing, managing to find some bits of food and even a nip off the water bottle.

Today I found Clara seemingly contented with her new home. It appeared she had eaten and drank a little more. She is still weak but responsive me, lifting her head up to look around or sniff at anything to comes close to her.

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