Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Clara's adventures

Little Clara is turning into a right grouchy little mouse, as she should be. She will chatter at me when I look in on her and she gets annoyed when I offer her water. She still takes nibbles from offered food but will often push it aside and insist on wondering around down my forearm or even trying to climb up my shirt. I let her run about on the bed sheets and she seemed to enjoy herself. Today I put her in an adventure wheel and she tried to roll around for a little bit but was soon tired.

I moved Clara's cage to on top of the girlie rats cage. The girlie rats took immediate interest as did Clara. Clara climbed up the side of her cage and stuck her nose out at the rats, the rats responded in kind.


Anonymous said...

Glad she's hanging in there :)

TFLS said...

Do you think she's past the crisis? She sounds so much better now. I'm glad she's pulled through:)

Trishymouse said...

We think she has pulled through, yes. She has surprised us all, which pleases us no end!