Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clara's quandary

Once again Clara mouse's recovery, like her recovery from her previous illnesses, is questionable. I have been helping her with food and water but she is obviously eating and drinking on her own. However, Clara mouse appears to have sort of paralysis of her front legs. Clara mouse has had paralysis of a sort previously when she had been injured from apparent strokes or infections and recovered in her own way. Clara's current condition is a quandary in that she had obviously lost some of her visual ability and insists on only pushing herself along with her back legs. But she has also reacted to visual stimulus and swatted at me with her front paws...

I hand fed Clara mouse a yoggie which she voraciously ate. Clara willingly laps up the Pedialyte offered in the syringe and will eventually turn her head away when she has had enough. Clara mouse throws her little tantrums, like she had before, when I put her down after cuddling.

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

It's so hard to know with the little ones. ~Poi Mom Jane