Monday, September 18, 2006

Clara Mouse is two years old

Clara just would not get into the spirit of taking pictures to celebrate her birthday. She never was one to allow me to take pictures of her, even when she was in a good mood.

"We are not amused..."

"I'm really not into this right now."

"Look at my butt!"

"We are still not amused..."


The Fluffy Tribe said...

Yoggies for clara
Goodies for Clara
Happy two Birthday Clara....

Happy Birthday to youououououou
Happy Birthday to youououououou
Happy Birthday to Claraaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to youououououou

~Poiland Meece and Ratties
...oh and the others too

Rattie said...


from fellow rodents(rats), Byron, Pearl, Fiona, & Biojoux

Rats & Cats said...

A belated happy birthday little one :)

RenaSherwood said...

Clara, you ROCK! I wish I looked so good :-) Great to see a recent photo of you.