Friday, September 29, 2006

Clara mouse and the 'liquid yoggie'

Today I gave Clara mouse PediaSure instead of PediaLyte. Clara went wild with excitement trying to lap up all the PediaSure offered. She actually grabbed at and bit down on the applicator in order to get her fill. In between feedings and cleaning Clara mouse was all happy and virtually popping around in my hand, waiting for the next serving of PediaSure, her eyes wide open with anticipation. Otherwise, Clara mouse's "recovery" continues. She is using her front legs more often and I have found her sitting upright cleaning herself. Her left eye may be a complete loss but I could swear I have seen her looking right at me with it. Her left eye is still a little occluded but cleans up nice.


The Fluffy Tribe said...

Allright Clara *soft clapping from the Meeces houses* ~Poiland Meece

RenaSherwood said...

I assume "popping" means a sudden jump :-)(You can tell I've never been owened by a mouse)

I remember when I was owned by guinea pigs, the sudden jump they do is called "popcorning"!