Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boys Only Meeting

A couple of nights ago we tried to formally introduce Boober and Chaucer during a social hour / playtime. At first it went well, each sniffing and grooming the other. Boober appeared to try to apply his dominance when Chaucer decided he had had enough and events quickly turned into a furball. They were separated, Chaucer gave me a light nip on the palm of the hand when I pulled them apart, and taken to different rooms. Boober sat in my arms, slightly shaking with his eye wide open but relaxed after some skritching. Chaucer was wide eyed and twitching for a long time but would often run to Trish for attention as if he was seeking confirmation of comfort. We will try to introduce them again over time.

When Boober and Slugo were introduced things went much more smoothly. Slugo immediately went to Boober and offered grooming but Boober ducked away as if he was afraid of confrontation. Slugo was not aggressive at all with Boober and seemed to want him to be his newest, bestest buddy. Boober did not appear to mind too much...I hoped this too would be the ones that got along the best.

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