Friday, June 06, 2008

Them's rattie babies, alright..

I peeked in on momma Winnie rat and saw at least six pinkies. The pinkies were all kicking, squirming and squeaking for momma and she came running. I watched as two pinkies swam in underneath momma Winnie rat to get their fill. Momma Winnie rat came out on her own the let me scritch her, but, she was more interested in treats. I spent a lot of time cuddling Piglet rat, just to let her know that we still cared about her and to make up for any buddy time with Winnie rat she might be missing out on. I have heard some forlorned squeaks that I suspect came from Piglet when Winnie was letting her known that she needed to stay away from the babies.

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Jane said...

conratulations on the little pinkies, I LOVE baby ratlets and hope someday we can have some more. ~Jane of the FLuffy Tribe