Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scampers, Maid Rat

The message below was recently posted on a rat list I am a member of, and is SO cute I had to share...
Ok. Scampers has now become a Molly Maid. To the right of my desk I have a towel. On it I have her food dish, water dish (just in case) and her watermelon juice dish. On that same side of the desk is a cardboard castle that she delicately chewed so she could get her ample butt into it. There she has a couple of small stuffed animals and toys.

Across the desk is another towel completely covering the desk and by the printer is a folded over wash cloth and that is where she usually pees. I make sure it gets changed daily sometimes twice a day.

Well things are not satisfactory for ol' Scampies. She has now decided that everything needs to be changed each night around 10:30 or so. She will start at the castle and toss it and the toys onto the floor. She will then start to "roll" the towel up and there it goes; on the floor.

After the right side of the desk is all cleared off she will walk over and stare at me right in the face. This means I must pick her up give her kisses and hugs and pet her for a short time. She loves laying on my chest and just relaxing with dad.

This may go on from anywhere of 10 minutes to a half hour then she wants back on the desk. There she will proceed to move the watermelon bowl and the water bowl (sometimes spilling both) plus the food dish off the big towel. Then here we go. She starts to "roll" and push the big towel until it, me and the mouse and pad are on the floor.

Time to wipe the desk down and add fresh towels. This has become an every night thing for the past few weeks. After it's all done and clean she sits at the edge of the desk all proud of herself and watches out the window. I just got done doing this "AGAIN" but it is hilarious. I have my own personal desk maid.

Harold and Scampers the Molly Rat

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