Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pinkies update

The baby rats appear to be doing just fine. Momma Winnie rat is still nipping at me if I get too personal so I'm not going to poke in where I do not belong just yet. Momma Winnie rat has plenty to do, but, is does not mind the occasional quick scritch or cuddle and is stockpiling block near her nest.

Everybody else is good. Old Spidey rat and young Barnabas rat pal around a couple times a day and it cheers up Spidey rat to have someone to cuddle with. The other girlie rats, Elle, Isis, Gaby and Drinky, are getting plenty of attention and playtime. The mousie girls, Abigal and Lady Mouse, and the mousie boy, Fred, are still getting along just fine. The lovebirds, Jibber and Jabber, and budgie, Agatha, get in on the action, too.


Steffy said...

I am SOOO Happy everyone is doing well, I was so worried about the babies but am relived and delighted they all pulled through so far, Winnie sounds like one heck of a momma rat

The Fluffy Tribe said...

It is always good when everyone is doing great. That is how we all like it ~The FLuffy TRibe