Saturday, June 09, 2007

Duck Crossing

It was a mother and her brood of ducklings, much like those in the photo at the left, that we came across enroute to my medical appointment two days ago. We were driving down a long, tree-lined one way, talking and listening to the radio, when our eyes realized what we were bearing down upon; we slammed on the brakes in the nick of time as the group skittered the last of their way across a busy three-lane! Fate was kind to the ducks as well as us - no rear-end collision! As we passed in what felt like slow-motion, we both took a quick glance to make sure they were alright, and we swear the mother looked around with a concerned expression as if to check if everyone was there. This was in the middle of a city - I'm still not sure what the allure of the area would be for a mother duck, but who knows?!

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christopher said...

As we drove along down the oneway heading towards her appointment, I was thinking "oh look, a momma duck and her babies crossing this busy street and soon they will be in front of... SCREEEEEEETCH" I felt the traffic behind us also comming to a quick stop and I was afraid there would be an acciendent. I could see momma duck had hopped up on the curb and had turned and begin 'barking' at the ducklings to move along, some of them hopping right up in one try while some took a couple of tries. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the car in the other lane had also stopped to let the ducks across, both of us sitting and waiting until everyone was over the curb.