Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rodents in transition

With the changes in the rodent community comes some unsettling and insecurity. I am certain Clara mouse does notice Curly mouse's absence. And with the arrival of Slugo the other rats seem to need to reminded that they are still special.

I took Slugo rat out for a serious snuggle. After initial fussing Slugo snuggled in, bruxing loudly and boggling as much as such a little rat like he could. He appears to have settled in to his home very well and is moving things around to his liking. He is very flirty and playful.

Boober rat needed immediate security and comforting when Slugo arrived. Boober must have realized he is no longer the only baby-boy rat, even though he is very much an adult. Boober still needs his snuggle and play time and to be sure he is still number one. Boober is going through a cage change and the introduction of an exercise disk, which he may never use any more than he would ever use his wheel.

The girly rats Beatrice and Regina noticed the changes but did not seem to alarmed. Regina, who likes to watch, kept an eye on me as I set up Slugo's cage.

Eva rat may be ready to move in with Beatrice and Regina. They have all been playing well together during social time. Eva, in fact, now power grooms both Beatrice and Regina without much fussing by those two. Beatrice and Regina have a huge cage with multiple levels so there should be plenty of private space.


The Fluffy Tribe said...

They can be insecure little things can't they? But it is an excuse to give them extra snuggle time, which benefits everybody. ~PM Jane

Anonymous said...

I just brought home my very own pet rat today, a big change for her, Edna. I tried to hold her but she desperately tried to escape not caring that she was high up. She seems pretty frightened, any advice?

Trishymouse said...

Time and lots of love is all it takes...and sometimes a bit of patience. Every animal has it's own genetic and socialization history that affects behavior, and even their own little personalities. You'll get to know her, and she'll get to know you. Enjoy the process! One on one time is really important. Right now when she is scared and tries to get away, just be sure you are in a safe, contained room...