Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Clara's Progress

Clara is still feisty as ever. Her latest antics include piling her bedding and litter up in the corners of her cage. This is especially annoying when she stacks bedding against the feeder tube of her water bottle which causes the water to wick out into the bedding. Clara still greets me some mornings and evenings with a chatter-chatter-chirp while prancing back and forth when trying to get my attention. She is not as snuggly as she was when she was ill but she will let me pick her up for some cuddle time, even if it ends with her giving me a deluge in my hand, of which she seems very proud of.

Clara's cage was next to Curly's cage and I often saw them communing through the bars. After I removed Curly's cage I noticed Clara stretched out with her ears pointed downwards, looking towards where Curly's cage was...

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh she misses her ~PM Jane