Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rattie goes to ValleyCon 31 - PREVIEW

Ahhhhh....Breathe in that fresh, crisp fall air! Yep, it's October, and autumn is in full swing here in North Dakota. And that can only mean one thing...VALLEYCON! As an old geek/nerd, I have been attending the fest for over half of its existence (it's the 31st year, this year...)

What does this have to do with Rattie? Well, for his final weekend visiting us, I thought it would be a lot of fun to take him with me and my friend Karen and I attend the convention. We'll show him around, introduce him to people, and take photos.

Today, I tried to convince my night-working boyfriend Christopher to take him to Bonanzaville to show him a fun time, but I think they ended up taking a nap together on the couch. Men!!

Stay tuned...there will be a report this weekend from the convention!

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VLW said...

How fun! Too bad Valleycon is on the 31st. That might've been a good excuse to stay in Fargo for a bit. And do tell Karen and the Wookie hello. They might not remember me, but I definitely remember them. They are wonderful folks.