Sunday, October 02, 2005


This is obviously not a picture of a mouse, or rat, or a hamster. But it is cute, you must admit.

OK, I'm a bit biased. This is one of my three grandsons. His name is Mu'min. His new kitty is named Blade. Eva (my daughter) told me that Meran* (my son-in-law, and Mu'min's father), named him that after seeing the vampire movie Blade. I still have to get Meran to explain to me what it is about the cat that makes him relate to vampires. Maybe it's those eyes?!

* Despite what the link says about Meran, he is home now. He got home in May, after two years working Iraq. His plans are in the air a bit, but he's scouting for business opportunities; in the meantime he's dabbling in some business with relatives...

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