Friday, September 16, 2005

Where's Rattie?

Later this month, we'll be hosting a visitor.

His name is Rattie, and he's the ambassador of the The Northern California Rat Community (NCRC), spreading the word about World Rat Day.

Linda, from The Crafty Rat, wrote back to my invitation, to say...
"Rattie would love to come and visit you and your family in Fargo, North Dakota. Right now he is on a visit in El Cajon, California which is in Sunny San Diego. He is due back around the end of the month. If around the end of the
month to the beginning of next month is still a good time to come for a visit please let me know and when Rattie returns from his trip I will get him ready to come and visit you. Rattie can stay for 2 weeks all I ask is that Rattie sends home some postcards or e-cards to let me know how things are going. I also would like pictures of his visit for his scrapbook and to post on the website of his grand adventures. Either regular photos or digital are fine. Rattie is also designed to wear ready made teddy bear clothes that one can find in craft stores or some toy stores. Rattie usually travels by UPS and when his visit is over just send Rattie home in the same travel box by UPS. I will need your address that you want Rattie shipped to along with your home phone number. Rattie will come with his street clothes and blanket, PJs, bath robe and slippers..."
We're looking forward to hosting Rattie, and helping him spread the positive word about rats (generally, and their relationships with humans...)

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Anonymous said...

How cool! We look forward to seeing Rattie's Fargo pictures...maybe we should write to Linda to see if Rattie has been to Washington DC yet.