Monday, September 26, 2005

The Good Mother

I noticed Pixie, the slighter larger mouse of the twins, Pixie and Dixie, had been sluggish the last two days. When I did today's cleaning I noticed she was ever more sluggish, leaning to one side and that her tail was kinked at the end. Pixie was also making a heart-breaking chirp/chatter/squeak/crying sound. I took her out and held while trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I noticed one eye was slightly bugged out and that she appeared to have trouble moving the paws and legs on one side and that she was breathing hard. Perhaps she had suffered a stoke? I took out her sister Dixie and held them both together. Little sister snuggled with big sister and after trying to get Pixie to eat and drink I put her back in with her siblings and mother, making sure to watch out for any aggressive behaviors from the others or any worsening of Pixie's condition. Pixie moved around the cages, poking in and out of the usual places until she settled in the bottom cage under the wheel. I could hear her squeak and chatter once in a while if any other mice came near her. I spent most of the day looking in on her.

I looked in and found Mamma Mouse Pudding snuggled against Pixie, looking as if they were doing their usual snooze. I looked closer and saw Pixie's eyes were fixed and starting to mist over. I tried to reach in and to check Pixie but Pudding would move in front of me as if guarding her little girl. I sat back and let Pudding snuggle one last time with Pixie. Eventually Pudding gave Pixie a final preening and then moved to another part of the cage. Trish came home and we brought Pixie to be with her father, Mabel Mouse, her Auntie Belle and her sisters Lena The Brave and Little Brown Mouse Harriet.

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

Pudding sounds like a great Mommy and poor little Pixie sounds like she will be missed. So sorry ~Rat Mom

Go to the rainbow bridge little Pixie Mouse ~Rodentia