Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beatrice & Regina

We now have two female rats - a brindle shorthair named Beatrice (or Bea for short), and a white shorthair with fan hood named Regina (or Ginnie for short). They are sisters, and only half grown, but already about 8 inches long (not counting the tail) They have beautiful large brown eyes, are smart as a whip, and love to cuddle.

We have a 'high rise' wire cage topper for a 10-gallon aquarium, that we modified to accommodate a 12" Superpet Silent Spinner, plus a hammock for the top floor to them to hang around in. It's chuck full of stuff now, with four levels. I think they should have a lot of fun snuggling, exploring, running, and eating in there! (Although I definitely am interesting in making a rat apartment...VERY cool!!

On the other hand, I'm just as tempted to just get a 20-gallon high, then get one of these marvelous Martin's toppers...

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Anonymous said...

hey! (i read your feed on lj :P) as far as i know, there's no such thing as a brindle rat (rat and mouse colouration are very different). what does she look like? i'm curious now :)