Wednesday, October 06, 2004

" the least of these..."

R.I.P. Little Lena, the day she passed away...

It's hard to believe that Lena is gone. Just 3 hours ago, she was lively and walking all over Christopher's hand and up his arm. He delighted in her. I in turn delighted in my heart with him. It crushes a person's heart every time this happens. There is something so sweet and pure about the little creatures among us such as Lena was. So small, so short a life, it was all she knew. We tried to give her comfort.

At times like this, it makes me wonder, why can't we look at fellow human beings with as much compassion? I love animals very much, but it's harder with people. It's rather sad and damning all at once.

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RenaSherwood said...

It's the quality of life, not the quanity. Lena seems to've had a good life, albeit short. Thanks for sharing her story.