Friday, October 08, 2004


I wish a person could get meds without a vet*. I know I'm not as experienced and knowledgeable as a veterinarian, but I also know I wouldn't indiscriminately medicate. I found out there is only one clinic in my region (I live in North Dakota) that has pocket pet experience (I called the local university for a referral); I called the clinic and it would be a minimum of $60 to see the doctor and get a small prescription of Baytril to have on-hand...and that's only if they agree to prescribe it.

This last situation with Lena was highly likely a classic respiratory infection. Time was of the essence to get Baytril into her, to give her a fighting chance. The clinic told me today they don't do emergencies per se, and it would be a minimum of two days to get in. That could be critical time in saving a mouse, in my opinion...

* I used to own horses in the 1970's. Obtaining meds for livestock was easy, from innoculations to antibiotics. When I go online now to find sources for building a basic mouse medicine chest, all the sites make it clear a prescription is required. I assume laws are either different for small animals, or the laws have changed since the 1970's. Either way, it looks like a choice between doing without, or coughing up a significant amount of money for the wee ones.


Anonymous said...

dear Trish, I know what you mean about wanting to get meds without the vet. But I cannot believe that Baytril is $60 there!! Here in England it isn't that expensive, the vet gave me an emergency 1/2 weeks supply to keep just in case for not even £3. But the last time I used it it completely knocked my meecey's immune system and she quickly got mites, started sneezing and died very quickly. My next lil one had a chronic respiritory illnes from birth, he used to sneeze and cough on waking but it used to clear up after an hour or so, his breathing was very very noisy though we thought it cute! When he went through this tunnels he sounded like a steam train! We knew he needed extra care so on the advice of the vet I started giving him a couple of drops of mouse vitamens, a couple drops of echinacia and one drop of pure vit C in his water, which he actually liked the taste of! After a few weeks the difference in his energy levels was totally noticable. I would recommend that if you can't get your hands on an emergency supply of Baytril, that you get these in as a first aid kit instead. It's worth a try.
So sad to read of Lena, what a lovely little girl. My wee man crossed over yesterday and I have to wait a week until I can go and collect 2 girls I have reserved at a shelter. There is a giant space in my life, much larger than the tiny creature that filled it.
Light and love

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