Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Introducing Lucy mouse and Ethel mouse

Introducing Lucy mouse and Ethel mouse. It was time to once again get mice, it's so hard not having them around. Lucy mouse, the larger of the two, is definitely the alpha female and does not want to be held while Ethel mouse does not mind a quick snuggle. Ethel mouse has already started chattering at me and accepting offered treats.


TFLS said...

They are beautiful, Christopher. I've never seen a blond mouse before. Lucy is quite the pretty girl!

christopher said...

The little mouse, Ethel, has taken to chattering at (bitching at) me when I pick her up. Otherwise she seems happy to sit in my hand. Today I managed to get Lucy to sit with Ethel and even though she was scared to stayed in my hand or on my forarm instead of jumping off.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Lucy has that look in her eye like Pumkin our one surviving (way up high and hiddin) mouse. He is always in a bad mood but your girls are pretty ~Poi Mom Jane