Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Old mousey girls

The old mousey girls hanging out together while their cages are getting cleaned. Even though they are kept apart they did not seem too interested in each other except for the initial sniff-and-lick.

"So, where are the treats?"

"Are you sure there are no treats?"

"I better check for treats..."

"We are not convinced that there are no treats..."

"It's hard being a little old lady."

Curly is still the little wiggle. The tumor is not slowing her down at all. I have been giving her more snuggle time than usual in the hope that it help her.

"Maybe the treats will magically appear?"

Clara looks very good compared to how she was a month ago. An amazing recovery.


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful! (Though they do look like they could use some treats...)

Rats & Cats said...

So happy to see Clara doing so well :)