Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boober's doctor appointment

Over the last couple of days we noticed Boober was not quite Boober-like. He appeared to be lethargic, appeared to not be eating or drinking as much as a Boober should and he appeared sad... Boober had been sleeping a lot, staying in his hammock and dropping his raisins off over the edge of the hammock. I picked him up and it seemed like his heart was just pounding away and when I listened closely Boober sounded like he had some sort of congestive issues. Fearing the worst, CHF, we made an appointment with the veterinarian that specialized in exotic pets like rodents but would not be able to get him in until the next day. We spent that evening cuddling with Boober as much as we could. I have never seen him brux and boggle as much as he did when I had him in my lap while he drifted in and out of sleep... I rearranged his cage to make it easier for him to access his water and food.

The morning came and I got ready to take Boober in the the doctor only to find him animated, bouncing around like Boober does as he eagerly greeted me and morning treats. Boober took each offering and ran, hiding them in his cache in the lower section of has cage and running back up to me to get more. He flirted and played coy, acting like he wanted me to pick him up and then running back into the corner. When I held him his breathing and heart seemed just fine and he bruxed and boggled and was a snuggler, as a Boober should be. Boober has never liked car rides so when we readied him for the trip to the doctor we gave him a towel to hid in. We arrived and waited for the doctor. Boober, still displeased with the car ride, curled up and napped. His turn came and he impressed the doctor and technician in how calm and friendly he was. In fact Boober boggled and bruxed during his examination and squirmed very little during the more intrusive probing. The doctor could not find any real cause for alarm other than maybe Boober might have been stressed or distressed with changes I had made earlier last week with his cage or maybe he needed adjustments with his diet. Boober did ave some minor film build up his right eye that could suggest a scratch but there was no sign of infection or further injury. So, with no real need to be afraid of losing Boober he was sent home with suggestions and notes for observation.

I noticed earlier last week that when I added a portion of a sisal mat to one of his ramps to help maintain his toe nails Boober did not like it. This ramp lead up to Boober's primary food and water area. So, maybe, this is what might have attributed to his malaise. Boober might have also been acting out against my giving more attention to poor old mouses Clara and Curly or Eva Rat. Who knows. We will keep an eye on him and play with him as much if nor more than we have in the past.

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