Sunday, May 08, 2005


Another cute story from a member of one of my mouse lists...
Stu will be a year old in July and is held for at least an hour EVERY day (he also rides around in my sleeves) and I'm actually the one who has to put him back so I can go out. If it were up to him he'd cuddle all fact, if he hears the cage lid open before he's ready to go back, he'll suddenly be "sleeping" on his back (since it's so cute I can't resist it and he's figured out that it's a good way to extend his belly rubs). Or, if he's obviously awake he might start grooming my hand, which he gets more praise for.

While I was raising him I would carry him around for hours at a time (or in my sleeve as he got older) - he spent much more time with me than he did alone - and that's where he seems to be happiest - I can go about what I'm doing, tidying up, watching TV, whatever, and he'll still be fast asleep. Sort of like the way taking a baby for a ride in the car often helps put it to sleep.

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