Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Every day is a reminder

Every day is a reminder on how little time we all may have left.

Mabel is starting to show his age. These days Mabel snuggles more and more. Our daily ritual has transformed into me putting my hand into his home two or more times a day, Mabel crawls out of his nest and hops into my hand. Mabel will fuss for a few seconds and then snuggle into the palm of my hand, often sleeping 15 minutes or longer, depending on his mood. After his naps(s)I put him back in his home and offer him a treat and then he goes back into his nest. But, sometimes he immediately demands that I take him back out after he eats and it is very hard to say no to him.


Anonymous said...

Same with Baru. He's now almost two years and a half old. He spends most of the day (and night) sleeping on his nest or on his wheel. His legs aren't strong anymore and his age shows in the way he walks.

He's still the cutest thing in the world, and comes to the door of his cage to meet me when I enter the room every morning before going to work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hamtaro's getting old. He's now two and three quarters of a year old, ((kinda hard to understand)) but I still love him anyway.