Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mouse City

I recently went on an obsessive spending spree (totally unnecessary, but fun!) and created a mouse city. I did it so I could make an extended living/play area for my female mice so they could all interrelate instead of having living spaces in several separate cages. It's worked out well. There are 9 females, and they're having a lot of fun wandering around exploring. They definitely love the tubes!

To make this possible, we had to rearrange some of the males who had taken up temporary housing in the Big Wheel. I have 8 males*, and 4 10-gallon aquariums. I put a pair in each one. Two pairs get along well, two do not. Of the two that do not - Grant & Phil (named after the infamous Mitchell brothers from Eastenders...appropo considering!), one (Grant) got to the point of drawing blood and were temporarily separated for a day. I bought a fish breeding divider kit to divide their tank, but the sheet included was too flimsy and easily defeated. I then took the sheet to a local hardware store to use as a template and bought clear Plexiglas. It's working beautifully. They can see each other, but can't kill each other. Peace at last...knock on wood!

* I actually have 9 males, but the one male - Mabel - is the Daddy of the younger mice and lives by himself...


Anonymous said...

OH!!! That looks like so much fun!!! I wish I could make myself teeny tiny and come in for a visit!

RenaSherwood said...

That is beyond cool. I'm jealous--I wish I could live in something like that!!!