Friday, November 05, 2004

"Any word yet from the Guvn'r...?"

Mabel, our oldest mouse, and Daddy to all the pups, lives alone. To make up for that - and to assuage our guilt for his isolation - we have given him one of the swankiest addresses in the Mouse City, a lovely two-story with a spiral staircase and a 'space' wheel. Cool!

Alas, Mabel is still a neurotic little mouse. We spoil him rotten by lavishing attention on him, holding him, playing with him, feeding him, and letting him hook our noses with his little paw claws if we get too close peering in (!), but he STILL tends to hang around the front door area like a prisoner on death row. He's SO cute, but SO guilt-inducing. So far, we have no practical solutions for other mice socializing. If anyone has suggestions, please send them along...

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