Friday, March 09, 2007

Two new mousie girls

Abby mouse and Lizzy mouse came yesterday as the latest adoptions.

Abby mouse is large brindle and very friendly. Abby is also very protective of the little long haired mouse Lizzy and was often seen cleaning her.

Abby mouse, being not-so-shy, and interested in what I was doing.

Little Lizzy mouse may be a bit of a runt, but she not afraid of anything. The first time I picked her up for an examination she bitched me out, but, did not struggle too much to get away. When we tried to mix the two new girlies in with the other females the alpha of that pair, Ethel mouse, almost immediately started attacking Lizzy mouse. Ethel is not much bigger than Lizzy and Lizzy actually fought back. But I decided it would be better to separate them and keep them to their original pairings.

Since Abby mouse appears to be eating well I decided to supplement Lizzy mouse's diet with Pediasure feedings separate from Abby mouse. Lizzy mouse is not too sure what to think about this Pediasure, but after several offerings she started to lick some off the eyedropper or off her front paws.


Miss Steffy said...

The long hair looks just like my Turnip, a runt as well. The runts always steal my heart.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh Lizzy is small and fiesty like my little Peter was. Pumkin says hello to the new meeces. He is still very grouchy and stinky, but loving his new mouse wheel exerciser. ~Poi Mom Jane and Pumkin