Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rodent Adjustment

Where have you been? was the collective question. We had been gone only 3 days and someone had been coming in to check their food and water. But they still were not satisfied.

After an initial look over and getting Chaucer settled in each weelittlebeastie got a formal snuggle. Slugo rat chatted and bruxed and seemed very happy to see us. Boober rat scowled a bit but then snuggled in on my shoulder. Clara mouse was asleep but after some kissing noises she sat up and looked at me and chattered back. (Clara had also done a major remodel on her cage, moving most of the bedding to one side against her water bottles.) The ratty-girls Beatrice, Regina and Eva where popping and bouncing and crawled up my arms onto my shoulders the moment their door was opened. And as for Agatha budgie, she was too busy looking at herself in the mirror.

Chaucer was at first excited. But after being introduced to his new home and all the new animals and animal smells he seemed to be less than excited. I tried to make a point of playing with Chaucer first, before handling the other animals, so he could get used to the routine. Chaucer seems to be slightly jealous about me playing with the other animals before he got his snuggle time. Chaucer also seemed very picky about the layout of his house, but, accepted where I put his hammock and promptly filled it with food and treats.

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