Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Communions

Everyday I try to have little communions with my Wee Little Beasties.

The female mice, who are not as sociable as the males, will let me wrangle them up and as half of them go for runs in their adventure balls I will cuddle the others. Most of the time the mice will wiggle and giggle and just be manic. But sometimes one or more them might settle in on the palm of of my hand and relax, looking wistfully at me or off into space.

The rats are just plain manic. But one or both will let a cuddle by and sit in the crook of my arm and brux like there are no worries in the world.

The hamster has warmed up to me alot. He will sit in my cupped hands and just trance off for a few minutes before he feels the need to dig around for treats.

And then there is the Prima-Donna Budgie Bird. She would tear the skin off my finger tips but now if I wrap my hand around her she will lean into my index finger and give it little grooming pecks.


TFLS said...

How nice. All critters provide love and comfort. That's why I don't really have favorites - if you love your critter, your critter will love you. I'm glad you have such sweet babies to cuddle with.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Don't you love it when the little beasties agree to share their world if even for a little bit. It's bliss. ~Poi Rat, Cat, & Bun Mom