Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fear-controlling gene identified in mice

Fear-controlling gene identified in mice
US scientists turned normally cautious mice into daredevils by switching off a gene which regulates fear, in research that could lead to treatments for anxiety disorders, according to a new report.


Anonymous said...

Your mice are nice. :D
Mine died.:< I think he had heart disease. He was a white feeder mouse. He was the fattest mouse I've ever seen. He was so lazy; he never ran on his wheel and would just eat shavings and seeds all day. Can mice have heart disease?

Trishymouse said...

Yes, our mice are very nice. I have a hunch that all of us are very nice, whether we are mice or people. Oh yes, mice can have heart disease. They are prone as they age to strokes, and even heart disease, and tumors (cancer) is quite common. So many tame mice are inbred, which doesn't help. Wild mice strains live far longer...Maybe yours was lonely? Males need much more attention since they often are alone.