Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Checking in with FTM

Not having heard from them in quite awhile, we recently checked in with our friends in the UK...

Looooong time no hear from you. Are you guys OK over the pond?

How are all the animals?



Hello hello :)

Yes we are here.

I was just thinking of writing something to you, but you beat me to it.

FTM has disappeared, but we have another mouse now.

One of last year's foxcubs (Long Tip) caught a mouse in the garden, and was tossing it up in the air. I raced over and shoo-ed off the fox, and picked up a tiny, dead-looking mouse.

After it had been lying in a bed of tissue by the radiator for fifteen minutes, it suddenly sprang into life and raced away out of sight.

We see it sometimes, peeping out from under sofas and out of cupboards, or streaking across carpets.

It eats peanuts and cheese and birdseed that we leave out in a bowl for it.

It drinks water from the cat's bowl, and leaves little turds here and there.

It lives in the same room as the cat and the pigeon, and they are all free to come and go as they please.

Are we mad? Sometimes I think so.

The pigeon is a new one too, since the other one disappeared too a few months ago.
This one was a baby, almost ready to fly, so I brought it home and let it practice in the garden.

Now it flies very well, and has made friends with the local pigeon gang. It is doing very well.

It brings its friends to eat from my hand and explains to them that they need not be afraid.

Now we have too many pigeons in the garden, and on the roof.

Summer is coming, and all is well. The garden will be lovely this year.

The fox has had five or six new cubs, and Long Tip has had cubs too.

Goodness only knows how many there will be hanging around on our lawn in a month from now.

Gotta love it :)

Best wishes:
David, Gabrielle, The Fox, the Foxcub, The Pigeon and the Mouse.
While FTM has gone on to hopefully even happier times, David and Gabrielle continue on with their animal friends...and better friends to the animals could not be had than David and Gabrielle!

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