Saturday, January 01, 2005

Oh, bother...

Mouses muttering:
~he's doing it again.
~hey! we're busy.
~yah! we're sleeping.
~and busy.
~big mean man hand is coming into the nest again.
~why does he do that?
~he's mean!
~yes, mean.
~I wonder if he's got treats?
~out of my way!
~yes, run away!
~yes, run to big mean man hand and treats.
~oh, I hate it when he picks me up.
~yah, me too.
~yah, especially when he has treats.


Anonymous said...

how many mice where ther talkin'?

Trishymouse said...

About 6, maybe 7, Chris says. There are two mice that are very independent, and usually don't deign to visit the hand, but instead go and hide and lead us on a merry chase. Funny thing is, when they get cornered, they'll look straight at you, and then jump in your hand, as if to say, "I'm choosing this..." I still think there is a lot going on in their little minds that we have no clue about...