Friday, September 10, 2004


We've been noticing how each little mouse has their own personality. Seriously! Some are outgoing, some are shy. Some are laid back, and others are skittish. Some are curious, where others could care less.

We were lucky with our first litter of pups. They were all born healthy and have all survived to week 3 and going strong. We have many types - body types, colors, and both genders.

So far, this is what we know:

"Scamp" - Grey long/curly hair (Male)
"Patootie" - Dark brown long/curly hair with white tipped tail (Male)
"Quimby" - Brindle colored (Female)
"Buttons" - Dark brown satin with black button eyes (Male)
"Curly" - Dark brown long/curly hair with all dark tail (Female)
"Ignatz"/"Pixie" & "Dixie" - Triplets, all cream/light tan short hairs (1 Male and 2 Females)

"Scamp" is a wheel maniac, for instance. He will run like a speed demon on that thing! He even runs and jumps onto it, grabbing the edge with his paws to get it going and then runs to the inside. He's sort of like a skateboarder mouse. He just loves that thing!

"Quimby" has proportionately lovely large ears, and is highly energetic, exploring all over. She's a hard one to catch to hold, but after you hold her in your hand for awhile, she'll calm down and let you gently pet her between her ears, just like her Daddy "Mabel", who she takes after in color as well as temperment.

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