Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Oh, the changes," laments Regina rat...

Regina pouted, slunk around and generally turned her back or dug her claws in. She was not happy to see the two new girlie rats in her domain. The young Isis, the future love interest of Chaucer rat, and the old Amelia, a sweet, mostly blind PEW who is still very active, came on Saturday and at first were placed in a lower, separated section of Regina's cage. But Regina knew they were there and was not at all pleased. Isis promptly made her presence known to Regina by poking her noise up through the floor. Amelia was just happy to be in the new place and decorated the snuggle wall hammock. Eventually all the girls where brought together and Regina insisted on snuggling into my hands, ignoring the pleas for attention from the other girls. "I'm the old baby rat here, " Regina said with her big wet eyes. Isis rat proved to be the alpha, trying to steal away treats from the other rats even though she had her own and nipping at Regina rat to show she was the new boss. Eventually Isis rat needed to be scruffed and scolded, which she took very personally and for a short time appeared to decide I was a mean, mean person. But soon Isis rat was back at my hands, looking at me with a little smile. Amelia rat did her best to make friends with Regina rat, even tucking her head under Regina's chin and offering to snuggle with her. Regina rat still had trouble accepting any other rats after being alone for these past months. After the initial play dates and mutual love piles on the bed the ratty girls were put back into the cage, the separator removed, and observed. I found Queen Regina rat in her hammock on the top level with Amelia rat trying to get her snuggle on. Isis rat was was busy checking out the other hammocks and snuggle spots, leaving her girlie marks and mapping out the cage. Later there were a few minor skirmishes but all seems to be well. Queen Regina rat is not pouting as much and appears to be somewhat interested in the new girlie rats. I'm hoping Regina rat and Amelia rat, the sweet old girlie rats they are, learn to take care of each other more and more over time.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Masters of Deceit

Ravens especially like working with wolves. Sometimes they'll croak loudly to direct a pack of wolves to weak game they couldn't themselves attack. Researchers who have examined this kind of cooperation even suspect wolves are driven to hunt in packs mainly because of the ravens. The predators are good sprinters and could theoretically slay game the size of deer alone or in pairs. But they would harldy get any meat for themselves during the feast that follows the slaying, due to the superior number of ravens.

From Masters of Deceit

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lizzy little angel mouse

Lizzy was a mouse that came to us as a fighter. Lizzy mouse was a runt, less than half the size of Abigail mouse. But the first time I picked Lizzy mouse up she sat in my hand and bitched me out. I even saw Lizzy challenge Abigail, pushing her or herding her and just wanting to have her way. Tonight I could hear that poor Lizzy mouse was in trouble. I looked in on her and could see she was having trouble breathing. I picked her up, hoping to give her some comfort, and even held Abigail mouse with her in my hand. Abigail mouse appeared very concerned with her sweet little mouse friend and helped me with the comforting. Eventual I put Abigail mouse back in her cage and held Lizzy mouse. For a time it appeared Lizzy mouse was recovering, sitting upright on her own and being fussy. Suddenly Lizzy mouse starting trying to run and jump out of my hands, like she was trying to escape from what was coming for her. I cuddled her in a paper towel, taking care not to squish or suffocate her, and then she was still. I held Lizzy mouse for a while and then preapared her for her journey.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Regina rat lap cuddle

Regina rat has an afternoon lap cuddle. All is good and well until she gets annoyed with me having a camera.

Peppee mouse on night patrol

Peppee mouse is not at all shy. He know lets me hand feed him and will wait for me to open the door and hop right into my hand. (Speedy rat is watching in the background.)

Saturday, April 07, 2007